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Update: July 7, 2020

Last week was very uneventful appointment-wise (which we love!). Milo had a great BPP and doppler check-in, resulting in a got a perfect health score. Thursday’s NST was reactive (positive result) after a few sips of apple juice to get him moving and grooving.

We had a relaxing long weekend with family and said goodbye for now to Rudy as he headed to Camp Elm Grove with the Oliveri’s. Wesley spent most of his weekend in the baby pool splashing and having popsicles.

On Monday, July 6th, we had our final growth ultrasound. Milo’s estimated weight came in at 5 pounds 4 oz which is a nice gain from two weeks ago! Due to his organs being in his chest cavity, the overall formula is a little inaccurate so we hope he is closer to 6 pounds when he joins us on Friday!

With that being said, we are laying low this week as a family of 3! With only 3 more days to “prepare” for Milo, we are spending a lot of time playing with Wesley and packing our hospital bag. Wesley will be heading up to Camp Elm Grove on Thursday for his first sleepover (and weekend away) without us!

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Krishanu Choudhury
Krishanu Choudhury
Jul 10, 2020

Prayers for MILO!!


Prayers for Milo!!❤️🙏❤️ Wesley will do fine at Nana’s❤️ Sending my love!!🥰

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