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Update: July 27, 2020 (Day 18)

Overall, Milo had a pretty good weekend in the PICU. Other than a temporary setback of his right lung partially collapsing on Saturday, his numbers have remained stable and he continues to grow.

After having a few days for his right lung to re-inflate and expand, Milo's overall lung performance is now showing that he is ready to be "trialed off" ECMO once again. This morning/afternoon, they will temporarily clamp off his ECMO circuit, monitor how he does without that support, take an echocardiogram to evaluate his heart function, and ultimately determine if he is ready to be taken off altogether or if he needs more time.

So we have a big day in store of us! Obviously there is a long road ahead either way, but this seems like the ultimate test for Milo's body right now and will provide a lot of valuable information to set the direction for his care going forward.

Last night, Milo was more "active" than we've seen him before - holding both eyes open for his mom and dad!

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