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Milo's Name

We’ve been asked many times about how we decided on Milo’s name, but unfortunately the answer is as unexciting as it was for his brother Wesley. We were simply reviewing lists of baby names on a car ride between Kalamazoo and Chicago – and didn’t need to go any further once we reached the name Milo. We immediately agreed it was perfect.

But Milo’s middle name rings truly special for us as Bradner was Kevin's Mom’s maiden name. We’re always trying to make sure we incorporate Liz’s legacy into our kids’ lives in any way possible. And just like his Grandma Liz, Milo Bradner is already showing how small but mighty he can be, ready to face his challenges head on. He will just have to wait a few years to do so in her style with a glass of Pinot.

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Joann Kunkel
Joann Kunkel
Jul 03, 2020

Love him already💖💖



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