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for milo


As a way to give back to the organizations that cared for Milo and supported us along our journey, 100% of your $10 donation will be divided amongst:

MBK Giraffe Pin

  • Take MBK With You

    We hope you will take your MBK pins on all your adventures with you! The idea is for these to travel everywhere near and far. Also if you’re feeling up to it, please share these memories and pictures with us! We hope to compile these and create a memory book some day as a reminder that Milo was loved by so many and he continues to be with all of us.

  • Shipping Cost

    All pins ship free! Don't worry - we are committed to ensuring all $10 per pin gets donated to the organizations. When pins are added to a larger order, there is little to no impact on postage. And for standalone pin orders, we will happily cover the shipping cost. We really appreciate every donation!

  • Note

    If you would like to order multiple pins and the total is more than you would like to spend, we completely understand. Please just reach out to us and we will do our best to get you any quantity of pins for a donation of any size.

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