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for milo


Product Details:

  • (1) Transparent Logo 3" Circle Sticker - Label
  • (1) Black Logo 3" Circle Sticker - Vinyl
  • (1) White Footprints 2" Circle Sticker - Vinyl

MBK Sticker Pack - Vol. 1 (3-Pack)

  • Take MBK With You

    We hope you will get creative and sport your stickers as you live the adventure that is your everyday life! We love seeing Milo travel near and far with everyone, so please continue to share these memories and pictures with us! We simply cannot express how much it fills our hearts to be reminded that Milo was loved by so many and continues to be with all of us.

  • Shipping Cost

    Strictly to cover postage, we kindly ask for an additional $4 per order. This ensures all proceeds can go towards our efforts to give back!

    However if there is a way for us to hand-deliver your order, please get in touch with us for a discount code that will remove the shipping charge during checkout.

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