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Milo’s surgery is complete and had no complications whatsoever! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Our tiny hero was missing 90% of his diaphragm - thank you to his amazing team of surgeons and specialists that completed his repair and basically built him a diaphragm out of his own muscle. We will write more in detail later but are going to spend the afternoon crib-side with our son and appreciate such a huge win. Now the road to recovery starts - we pray that his lungs and heart now have the room to grow and move back to the right spots in his chest. We cannot thank all of you enough for your continued positive vibes, prayers, and thoughts for Milo. We couldn’t imagine this journey without an amazing support system. Love you all so much!

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James Gable
James Gable
13 juil. 2020

Keep fighting mighty Milo! Pray that each day brings bright spots and improvements.


Your fortitude and strength is passing through to Milo. I hope you and Kevin can get some rest. Stay strong. Sending love and prayers.

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